Psychological Services


Counseling & Psychotherapy: I am a specialist in grief, loss, depression, and anxiety, the
“common colds” of the human condition. Many, maybe most, psychological troubles involve
some sense of loss and feelings of anxiety and/or depression. I work with individual adults of all ages, teenagers, and couples. If you need help for a traumatized or nonverbal child, get a specialist. Children’s Mercy hospital is a good place to start.


Coaching is self-pay and focuses on normal range problems that involve life goals, vocational development, self-confidence, interpersonal relations and so forth. Normal problems overlap with the “medically necessary” conditions that are reimbursed by insurance. The difference is often not clear. For example, many normal range problems, such as grief from the loss of a career or loved one, qualify as “medically necessary.” While using insurance saves money, you lose some privacy. For example, insurance companies share your medical information in order to determine rates, benefits, and who they will cover. Although more expensive, an important benefit of self-pay is privacy.


I do mental health assessments and evaluations for the purpose of treatment or development. I do NOT accept evaluations intended for the legal system, for example, custody or competency evaluations. If you want help with legal matters, contact a “forensic” psychologist. They specialize in helping with legal problems. Google “forensic psychologist Kansas City.”

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