Art Therapy


Most people find art therapy enjoyable and helpful after trying it. Artist ability is not required. People of all ages and abilities are capable of expressing themselves with art. Linda guides the people she works with to make the best of their natural ability. The point is self-expression, learning about oneself, and transforming energies within.


Art is one of many ways for self-expression. Most psychotherapy is focused on talk but music, dance, creative writing, journaling, blogging and similar activities can also be expressive and transformative. We human beings express ourselves continually, whether intentionally or not, through hobbies, vocation, everything we do. Some attention to ones self-expression, combined with feedback from an objective and thoughtful professional, can open doors to new attitudes and ways of living. Goals of art therapy include improved self-esteem, resolution of troubled feelings, and better social skills.


Linda Kramer, Art Therapist can be contacted at 816-225-4110 or through her website,

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